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Over 45 years of service
to the professional
Radio Industry.

Our Motto:

"Care & Effort"

Over 44 years of service
to the professional
Radio Industry.

Our Motto:

"Care & Effort"

Since it’s establishment in 1978, Benelec Pty. Ltd. has been supplying Transmission Components and Devices and Radio Communication Antennas Systems to the Professional Radio Communication, Marine, Auto Vehicle Location (AVL), Wireless and Broadcast Industries for Frequency bands from 2MHz to 3GHz.

Antenna Products and Systems are designed and manufactured at the Botany Factory Complex which occupies over 3000 square meters comprising Metal and Plastic Parts Engineering Manufacturing, Metal Finishing Plants, Assembly Lines, Electropolishing, Warehousing, Sales and Administration.

Transmission Components and Devices such as Cables, Connectors, Jumper Cable assemblies, EMP Protectors, Loads, Power Dividers, RF Coaxial Switches, Attenuators, Combiners, Output Filters, Patch Panel Systems and Rigid Line Components are imported from high quality internationally well respected manufacturers.

The range of Coaxial Cables is extensive and ranges from Military spec Teflon cables to Low Loss 2 1/4″ Corrugated and smooth Jacket feeder cables as well as wave guides and relevant components.

Coaxial connectors cover all the common industry requirements for MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, N-Type, MiniUHF, UHF, FME, F-Type, 1.6 – 5.6, 4.1 – 9.5, 7 – 16 and EIA standards in Commercial and Mil-Spec grades. Cutting, stripping and crimping tools are also supplied.

Other related RF devices are included in the product range such as Broadband RF amplifiers, AC/DC Voltage Reducers, DC Power Supplies including Bench-top Varieties and 19″ Rack Mounted Battery Management Systems. Transceiver microphones and communication speakers complement this range.

Benelec also offers its design, manufacturing and processing facilities through it’s Industrial Services Division to provide solutions to industry problems for volume reprocessing, repairs, retro-fits, modifications, refinishing and repackaging.

Sales and warehousing facilities are provided through Benelec Offices in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. Exports are handled from the NSW Branch.

A substantially developed WEB site is hosted on the Mascot head office Server and is constantly maintained and updated by in-house staff.

Benelec products have earned an enviable reputation for good design, high quality of materials and manufacturing underscored by better than industry average performance and durability. Starting from a high base we consistently strive to improve our products. At Benelec we are a team of caring members that work well together and enjoy what we do, which is to provide our customers with honest, straightforward, prompt and reliable service.

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