Warranty Statement

Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions


  • Subject to these Terms and Conditions BENELEC warrants that all the products it supplies.
  • are free from manufacturing defects and/or faulty materials.
  • are fit for purpose.
  • are of merchantable quality and
  • will continue to perform in accordance with their relevant specifications for the period of the warranty.

BENELEC further warrants that it will repair, replace or refund the value of the goods that fail any of the above criteria at its own and absolute discretion and provided that these goods are still under warranty and that none of the warranty conditions have been breached.


Product specifications are offered as a guide and although all care is taken to ascertain that products will conform to the stated specification Benelec does not warrant that any product supplied by BENELEC will comply exactly to the stated specifications.

Specifications for products designed and manufactured by BENELEC are based on tests conducted on manufactured products and are always typical or average. There will always be some manufacturing tolerance and wherever possible this will be stated in the specifications. Where specifications cannot be derived from tests these will be derived from theoretical calculations based on known modelling criteria or will be estimated.

Specifications for products not manufactured by Benelec are mainly derived from those provided by manufacturers and although all care is taken to ensure that these are described accurately in all BENELEC publications, no direct or consequential responsibility can be attributed to BENELEC as a result of any inaccuracy in those Specifications.

BENELEC reserves the right to modify products or specifications at its own discretion, without prior notice, provided this does not deteriorate the quality, performance or functionality of the end product.

Limited Liability

BENELEC shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from the breakdown or malfunction of any products it supplies or for any loss or damage of whatsoever kind, howsoever arising in any way connected with these products.

BENELEC’s liability will always be limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the value of the goods, at its own and absolute discretion and provided that these goods are still under warranty and that none of the warranty conditions have been breached.

Good Returned Under Warranty

Returned goods will not be accepted for repair, replacement or credit, unless prior consent has been given by BENELEC and these returns have been made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. Returned goods must be accompanied by suitable documentation clearly describing the customer’s name, address, telephone number and responsible person to contact as well as the Invoice number under which these goods were originally supplied. Returned goods must be suitably packed to ensure no damage in transit. Freight on returned goods must be prepaid.

BERO (Benelec Equipment Repair Order)

Each item returned under warranty must be individually accompanied by a BERO. BEROs are available on request or can be downloaded from the BENELEC Website.

Warranty Period

Warranty will apply for the period published on Data Sheets, Brochures, Catalogues, Packaging, promotional material, emails, Web Site or quotations. Where the warranty period for any individual item differs on any one of these media the longest period stated will apply unless expressly stated otherwise. The warranty period will apply from the date the goods are purchased by the end user in new condition. The warranty period for Systems will commence from the date of commissioning unless otherwise stated. Warranty is transferable with the goods if they are on-sold but will only apply from the date at which they were sold to the initial purchaser.

On-Line Web Data Base

A Web Based Data Base is offered for major projects under contract. For Products supplied under a Project Contract requiring repair need to be logged on Benelec’s Web Based Repair Intranet and sent to Benelec for evaluation at client’s cost. Benelec will assess the repair and decide if it’s a Warranty claim. If it is not a Warranty Claim a quote for the repair will be provided. If a Maintenance and Services Plan is in place the product will Automatically be repaired and returned to the client in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Conditions of Warranty

Warranty will be voided if:

  • goods have not been used in the manner for which they were intended
  • goods have been modified or altered in any manner without prior written consent by BENELEC
  • goods have been incorrectly installed
  • goods have been mishandled
  • goods have been incorrectly stored
  • operating instructions have not been followed
  • goods have been physically damaged
  • goods have not been paid for
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